5 Stages of Tooth Extraction Recovery

5 Stages of Tooth Extraction Recovery

Aug 01, 2022

Recovery time after tooth pulling depends on the type you selected. Simple extraction of a tiny tooth having one root takes one week to heal. On the other hand, simple tooth extraction of a large tooth having multiple roots shuts down after three weeks. However, total healing may require a few months.

Make sure you take good care of your mouth to avoid complications and infections when you reach home. Read below to understand the different stages of tooth extraction recovery.

Why Would a Person Need a Tooth Extraction?

Below are the reasons that you may require extraction in San Antonio, TX:

Trauma to the Tooth

After an accident, teeth are the first thing that gets the most damage. Sometimes, an accident damages the tooth too much to save. In this case, the dentist recommends tooth pulling. If you fail to get the procedure, the affected tooth could have an infection and need a root canal treatment later, which can be painful.

Overcrowding of Teeth

If you have no space for the teeth to move, the orthodontist near you can help. To help with overcrowding, pulling off one or multiple teeth may be required. The expert helps in straightening the alignment of the teeth using orthodontic treatments. They help in eliminating the problematic teeth in the backside of the mouth.

Periodontal Gum Diseases

The accumulation of tartar and plaque causes periodontal and other gum diseases. The periodontal disease at the earliest stage is known as gingivitis. However, the more advanced type is known as periodontitis.


Gingivitis is the gum swelling around the teeth. However, periodontitis is the swelling of tissues and bones near the affected tooth. To treat the infection, sometimes tooth pulling is necessary. However, patients that get preventative treatments are less likely to have periodontal disease that would require extraction in the future.

Impacted Tooth

When the tooth does not come out as intended or if the gums fail to completely erupt, it means you have an impacted tooth. It is usually in the case of wisdom teeth. The dentist in San Antonio, TX may recommend pulling impacted teeth to prevent overcrowding, infection, and damage to other teeth.

Irepairable Tooth Damage Due to In-Depth Decay

Irreparable damage to the tooth occurs when the decay extends to the tooth pulp. It can result in infection. In that case, the dental expert may suggest a root canal. But the professional will recommend tooth pulling if the infection is severe.

Tooth Extraction Healing Stages

Below are the following stages of tooth-pulling recovery:

Stage 1: 

This stage consists of the first 24 hours after tooth pulling. It occurs when a blood clot starts forming. If the bleeding stays after one day, immediately call your oral surgeon. You can expect swelling in your mouth to increase during the first 24 hours.

Stage 2: 

This stage includes 24 hours to 48 hours after the tooth extraction procedure. The platelets in a blood clot start producing chemicals to enhance the healing. The empty tooth socket has healed completely. Also, the swelling and bleeding will go away.

Stage 3: 

Stage three is 72 hours after the tooth pulling procedure. The gum tissue starts closing around the site. You will get back to your normal routine easily. However, you will still need to take care of the pulled area to avoid aggravation.

Stage 4: 

The fourth stage is from 7 to 10 days after the procedure. In most cases, the spaces left from the extraction procedure have shut down completely. However, the recovery of the molar teeth can take some time.

Stage 5: 

Stage 5 is the final tooth extraction healing stage. The healing process completes after 3 to 4 weeks. Although you may still feel some tenderness and the tooth extraction site, it will not cause bleeding or pain.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From an Extraction?

It differs from one person to another, depending on some factors. It includes dental health, location and size of the tooth, and how much the patient adheres to the aftercare tips.

In the case of simple tooth extraction, the recovery is short. The soft tissue will completely heal in 3 to 4 weeks. On the other hand, the surgical extraction recovery takes a bit longer. For more information about recovery after tooth extraction, visit Terrell Hills Dental today.

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