All on X Implants: Are They Permanent Alternatives to Traditional Implants?

You may have heard about dentures or seen your grandparents wear them because they were the only options available to replace missing teeth earlier. Dentures are still around as they have been for over a century providing people and affordable solutions to replace an entire arch of teeth. Fortunately, if you need replacement teeth for the teeth you want to have extracted or have already lost teeth, you can now benefit from the advances in dentistry to seek replacements in a day with all on X dental implants.

Did we surprise you with the term all on X implants because you may have heard about dental implants, all on 4 or 6 implants by dentists as excellent solutions for replacing missing teeth? However, if you need an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, you can now consider the all on X concept a revolutionary technique of giving you dental implants. The all on X implant concept refers to supporting all teeth with as many implants as needed.

If you are interested in the all-on X implants concept, we suggest you continue reading this article on how you can get teeth in a day instead of waiting months before you can have replacement teeth.

What Are All on X Implants?

The concept of treatment with all on X implants is revolutionary and a powerful technique for completing your implant surgery and having your replacement teeth within three to four hours with beautiful aesthetic reasons and high success rates. The dentist in 78209 helps you lead a better life with the all-on X treatment concept.

If you desire all on X treatment, the dentist in San Antonio, TX, requests a CT scan of your mouth to carefully plan your procedure to locate the ideal positioning for your dental implants. You can also decide whether you want a mold created to assist the bridge designers make a specific bridge for you.

After completing the CT scan, a lab technician begins designing your teeth to ensure they are a fit for your mouth. The design is achieved through CAD to bring out a 3D model of your final bridge used in the procedure.

After completing all the preparation, you are ready to receive a life-changing smile with all on X implants. First, however, you must have decayed or remaining teeth extracted to accommodate the dental implant screws. Finally, the bridge is anchored in your jawbone, and the anchorage technique adopted in the all on X provides a highly stable base than other procedures.

After undergoing the recovery process of approximately three months, you must have the temporary teeth provided during the implant procedure replaced with a permanent bridge. Allowing healing of your mouth ensures the final implants offer the most stable results. After placing the last bridge, you can enjoy your new smile for a lifetime.

Advantages of All on X Implants

The all-on X implants concept has several benefits if you want to transform your smile. Some of the benefits mentioned herein help you thoroughly understand the all-on X concept.

The all on X concept cost fewer dollars because the procedure doesn’t require bone grafts which often increase the prices of dental implant placement. In addition, the all-on X doesn’t require multiple visits to the San Antonio dentist because you can have the implants in your mouth immediately after tooth extraction.

If you are anxious about undergoing dental procedures, the all-on X concept is less intense than alternatives. The CT scans and digital teeth design allows the dentist to create personalized implants to give you the aesthetics and the perfect bite. The treatment is completed in approximately three to four hours. At the end of the procedure, you have and natural-looking teeth offering more stability than alternative implant options.

If you decide on the all on X concept, you find the procedure affordable because you can have your replacement teeth in one appointment with your dentist instead of spending months dealing with the same issue.

The all on X implant procedure is the most efficient technique to fix all the teeth you need in one appointment, even after performing the surgery. The San Antonio dentist undoubtedly offers this treatment option if you are scared or reluctant to replace missing teeth with alternative treatments.

If you feel you have sufficient information about the all on X concept and are willing to have the replacements you need, please contact Terrell Hills Dental to get your “teeth in a day” from the dental facility.

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