Am I A Candidate?

Are you considering dental implants at Terrell Hills Dental?

At Terrell Hills Dental in San Antonio, we believe that every smile has its own unique journey. If dental implants have crossed your mind, but you’re not sure if they’re right for you, our dedicated team at Terrell Hills Dental is here to help you make an informed decision.


Dental solutions customized for your needs

Dental implants, from traditional to advanced methods, provide a reliable and long-lasting answer to replacing missing or compromised teeth. It is essential to understand that while they are beneficial, they may not be the perfect solution for everyone. At Terrell Hills Dental, we prioritize developing individualized dental care plans, ensuring optimal results aligned with your specific dental health requirements.

Could dental implants revitalize your smile?

If gaps caused by tooth loss, whether due to cavities, mishaps, or other reasons, are affecting your self-confidence, dental implants could be your solution. They offer a firmer, more natural alternative for those who find dentures not ideal. The effectiveness of a dental implant is usually linked to the health of the gums and the strength of the jaw. The best candidates usually have:


Your health is our priority

At Terrell Hills Dental, we take a comprehensive approach and understand that your overall health can shape your dental experiences. Factors such as diabetes or smoking can influence the success of dental implants. However, these aspects do not automatically disqualify you. Our professionals will meticulously evaluate your health history and lifestyle before suggesting any treatment.

Age is not a barrier

When it comes to improving your smile, age does not define the possibilities. Whether you are studying, advancing in your career or enjoying your retirement, dental implants could be the answer you have been looking for.


Let's explore together

To determine if dental implants are a good fit for your dental goals, we cordially invite you to schedule a conversation with our specialists at Terrell Hills Dental. We are dedicated to your brilliant smile and ensuring you shine with confidence. Contact us today and get started on your path to a revitalized smile.

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