Can Crowns Be Placed On Front Teeth?

Sep 09, 2022

Dental crowns can be placed on your front teeth. A front tooth crown is made...

5 Stages of Tooth Extraction Recovery

Aug 01, 2022

Recovery time after tooth pulling depends on the type you selected. Simple extraction of a...

Advantages of Invisalign®: The Invisible Way to Straighten Teeth

Jul 01, 2022

What is Invisalign? Invisalign® is a brand of teeth aligners in orthodontic dentistry. These aligners...

Is it Worth Getting Partial Dentures?

Jun 01, 2022

Unlike complete dentures, partials are much better for replacing missing teeth in the lower jaw....

How Painful Is a Sinus Lift Procedure?

May 02, 2022

Have you just been scheduled for a sinus lift procedure in San Antonio, TX, and...

How Do I Prepare for Oral Sedation?

Apr 01, 2022

Just the thought of sitting on the dentist’s chair may send some cold chills down...

How Dental Bridges Help to Fill the Gap Between Your Teeth?

Mar 01, 2022

A missing tooth or two can put you in a lot of distress. You would...

All on X Implants: Are They Permanent Alternatives to Traditional Implants?

Feb 01, 2022

You may have heard about dentures or seen your grandparents wear them because they were...

Does Dental Sedation Damage Your Brain?

Jan 01, 2022

Dental sedation helps provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience if you are fearful of receiving...

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