A Time-Tested Solution for Missing Teeth

Without teeth, a person can’t chew or speak effectively. For hundreds of years, dentures have filled in the gaps left by missing teeth. Over time, these prosthetics have evolved with advances in restorative dentistry. False teeth began with animal bones, and now they are made from porcelain and resin. Even more, the technology keeps getting better.

Complete Dentures

Terrell Hills Dental: Dentures Near You

We offer various tooth replacement options at Terrell Hills Dental. Therefore, we can accommodate the needs of any patient with tooth loss. So, if you are missing a single tooth, an entire mouth full, or must have teeth extracted, our dentists in San Antonio, TX, have you covered. It is our goal to meet all of your oral health needs. For that reason, the partial and full dentures or denture implants in San Antonio we make are custom-crafted for each individual. Throughout the process, a dentist will check the color, size, and shape multiple times to ensure a natural look and fit.




Partial Dentures

Partial dentures in San Antonio, TX, fill in spaces when one or more healthy teeth are still present. This type of denture attaches to the adjacent teeth. For a partial to be successful, the remaining teeth must be strong and healthy to support the prosthetic. Depending on the situation of your existing teeth, San Antonio, TX, dentists may discuss multiple solutions with you. If you are most concerned about aesthetic appeal, we offer metal-free dentures and dental implants.  Our dentists near you will help you determine the right option for your case. Call Terrell Hills Dental today to schedule a tooth replacement consultation.




Partial Dentures
The Benefits of Dentures

Full or Complete Dentures

For patients missing all of their teeth, full or complete dentures will restore the whole smile. This denture covers an entire arch, upper or lower, or both. A full denture in San Antonio, TX, consists of a plastic gum-colored base attached to replacement teeth. Sometimes, there are damaged or decayed teeth still in place that must be removed. In these situations, the denture can be fabricated before the extraction. The immediate denture will be placed after the removal. After the gums have healed, the permanent denture is relined for a correct fit.

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