How Long Does My Dental Bridge Take To Feel Normal?

What is a Dental Bridge?

A tooth bridge is made up of false teeth that are attached to two crowns. A bridge will provide an attractive alternative to dentures and bridges.

It is available in three versions– traditional, cantilever, and Maryland. Conventional bridges are the most commonly used type and use two supporting teeth.

Cantilever bridges only require one crown on one side of the gap. They are front dental bridges because they are often applied on the front teeth since they are not as stable as the traditional bridges.

Maryland bridges are made by attaching metal or porcelain wings to the back of the adjacent teeth and attaching the false tooth in the middle. How long it takes for a dental bridge to feel normal depends on the type of bridge and the individual. Some people may adjust quickly, while others may take longer.

How are Dental Bridges Fixed?

The dental bridge procedure is done in two dental visits, and it begins with an assessment where the dentist will determine if a dental bridge is a suitable solution for you. He will reshape the teeth and take a cast or mold to create a custom-fit bridge. Once your bridge is ready, you will return to the dentist to have it fitted and cemented.

Is a Dental Bridge Worth It?

Yes. The bridges can last for many years, and they’re an excellent alternative to dentures if you have problems with your teeth.

The dental bridge procedure is also commonly used when replacing one or more missing teeth. It is not invasive and does not require surgery, meaning that the recovery is quicker than implants.

However, remember that the bridges do not stop bone loss as effectively as teeth implants.

If you’re considering getting a dental bridge in San Antonio, TX, ask your dentist how long it will take to feel completely comfortable with the new tooth replacement. It is also important to inquire whether there are any problems with the process or treatment plan that could delay relief from pain and discomfort.

Does a Dental Bridge Feel Natural?

A dental bridge can feel natural in as little as two weeks, but it may take longer for some people. The bridges use the remaining teeth as support, and thus, they create a seamless look. You may need time to get used to the teeth bridges, but they will feel natural within a short period. Furthermore, the bridges are usually made of porcelain, which resembles your natural teeth in color and function.

Is it Normal to Feel Pain After a Dental Bridge?

It is not unusual for people to feel pain after a dental bridge, but the discomfort clears within two weeks. The pain will likely be in the missing tooth area replaced by your new bridge.

Gum irritation is often the cause of the discomfort, but this clears as you adjust to the dental bridges.

How Long Does My Dental Bridge Take To Feel Normal?

The first few days after a dental bridge is placed are important. You may have some discomfort and soreness in your mouth, but this should go away within a week. However, if you don’t adjust to the new dental bridge quickly enough or properly, it can become uncomfortable and even painful—and that’s when you need help from your dentist!

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Tooth bridges can last for a decade or more, depending on several factors, including the type of bridge and how well you take care of your teeth. However, your bridge may only last for a few years if you don’t care for your teeth. If you’re considering getting a dental bridge, it’s important to talk to your dentist about how long it will likely last.

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Dental bridges are a great way to re-attach your missing teeth, but you should take it easy for the first few days after they are fixed. Visit Terrell Hills Dental for more information about dental bridges and what you can expect.

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