Is it Worth Getting Partial Dentures?

Is it Worth Getting Partial Dentures?

Jun 01, 2022

Unlike complete dentures, partials are much better for replacing missing teeth in the lower jaw. They are manufactured using a resin base into which the dentist inserts the fake teeth.

Partial dentures in San Antonio, TX are tailored by the dental laboratory using the models of the mouth of the patient. The dental professional will take your teeth and gum impressions to determine the measurements. Then, you will get a partial denture only made for you. Let us find out whether partials are worth getting or not.

What is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture is a plate with one or multiple artificial teeth on it. The dentist attaches the oral prosthetic to healthy teeth nearby with clasps. They can also have other connectors which are more natural-looking. It consists of all plastic or a combination of plastic and metal. Dentures have wire clasps that help them attach to the leftover teeth.

What Does a Partial Denture Do?

Partial dentures keep your jawbone, face muscles, gums, etc. engaged. It prevents shifting other teeth in the mouth further and gives you the confidence of a complete smile. Partials are a less invasive choice compared to other options for missing teeth replacement.

Partial dentures also give a natural appearance by keeping the original teeth in their place and holding the new ones. They also enhance the chewing and speaking ability of the patient.

Depending on the mouth condition, the dental expert will create partial dentures. Not just the partial dentures fill in the vacant areas created by lost teeth, but they also prevent the remaining teeth from changing position.

However, partial dentures need a little bit of maintenance. However, they are easy to get adapted well. These dental prosthetics also help restore the functionality and the charm to the area where the professional places them.

Depending on the materials used and other parameters, the dentist in 78209 may add extra teeth to the partials with time. Although a partial denture is not designed to wear 24/7, most dental experts suggest eliminating them while cleaning and sleeping at night.

Once you get used to your new partials, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without an issue. But ensure you chew properly and keep your dentures in their place.

With partial dentures, chewing food will be a more comfortable experience because you will feel natural. They also make speaking simpler. So, we can say that a partial denture will be a boon to your overall appearance and other aspects of life.

Pros of Getting a Removable Partial Denture

Removable partial dentures are dental prostheses that are easy to remove whenever required. If you have multiple missing teeth, they are usually less costly and less invasive than other options.

A removable partial denture improves four oral functions – mandibular stability, speech, aesthetics, and mastication. The dentist will suggest removable partial dentures if you have some natural teeth remaining in your mouth.

Below are the advantages of removable partial dentures:

  • Partial dentures are easily adaptable. Thus, patients get used to them within one to two weeks of continuous use and wear.
  • They make you feel more confident in your looks.
  • They fill vacant spaces between teeth to prevent the shifting of your original teeth.
  • Full partial dentures make it simpler to chew food and speak comfortably.
  • Partial dentures are much more cost-effective as compared to other dental prosthetics.
  • They are also less invasive.

The prosthodontist or dentist can help you make the most appropriate choice regarding the best partial dentures. During the consultation at Terrell Hills Dental, the dental professional will evaluate your mouth to find out whether removable dentures are an effective tooth replacement option for you or not.

Get a Partial Denture Now

Numerous individuals find it challenging to adapt to removable complete lower dentures. Partial dentures are an excellent option compared to complete dentures for replacing missing teeth in the lower jaw.

For getting partial dentures, patients need to have a few healthy teeth and gum tissues remaining in their lower and upper areas of the mouth. Our dentist in San Antonio TX is experienced in replacing missing teeth using partial dentures. Contact today.

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