Invisalign® in San Antonio, TX

Do you wish you had straighter teeth? Many people aren’t born with perfect smiles. Thankfully, orthodontic treatment exists to correct malocclusion or the misalignment of teeth. There are different types of malocclusion, but all of them involve improper positioning of the teeth.

Braces are used to correct misaligned teeth. If you’re not keen on metal braces, you can opt for Invisalign—a type of clear, removable aligners that move your teeth discreetly and effectively, thus making your dream smile a reality without significantly altering your life.

Invisalign Treatment Process

If you’re interested in Invisalign in San Antonio, TX, the first step in the treatment process involves determining whether you’re a suitable candidate for the same. Besides evaluating your orthodontic problem, our dentist in San Antonio, TX will also take into account your ability and willingness to remain disciplined during treatment. In particular, you must keep the Invisalign trays on for the majority part of the day—22 hours to be exact—otherwise, treatment will not be effective.

If you’re an excellent all-around candidate, our dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send these to the Invisalign lab. After about two weeks to a month, you’ll receive your trays, which you should wear progressively for the required treatment period.

Our dentist acts as your treatment partner during Invisalign treatment. Besides creating a personalized treatment plan for you, our dentist will also keep tabs on your progress to verify that your teeth are moving into their right positions as required.

Are your teeth perfectly straight, but you’ve started noticing wear on your lower front teeth, or lower teeth getting shorter, you may have an interference in your bite or a deep bite? The good news is in a lot of cases, this can be fixed with proper aligning of the teeth. Call our office for an evaluation.

Invisalign Vs. Traditional Metal Braces

If you’re curious about Invisalign near you, then it’s likely that you want to know how this orthodontic treatment compares to traditional metal braces. Here’s how:

  • Invisalign is used in the treatment of moderate malocclusion. For severe cases of misalignment, traditional metal braces remain the best bet.
  • Invisalign aligners, unlike metal braces, are virtually invisible. Invisalign is an excellent and convenient option for patients who wish to receive orthodontic treatment with the least attention drawn to their mouth.
  • Conventional metal braces often involve significant changes to your lifestyle. You must forego some foods and change the way you brush your teeth, as the braces can get in the way. Invisalign trays, however, are removable and, as such, don’t involve any significant disruptions. You can continue to eat your favorite foods as you receive your orthodontic treatment.
  • Do you want to forego frequent visits to the dentist to readjust your braces every few weeks? If yes, you should opt for Invisalign. With Invisalign, you receive your set of aligner trays in advance, and you can switch your trays every two weeks without needing to visit the dentist.

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