Orthodontics in San Antonio, TX

Terrell Hills Dental offers superior quality, effective, and efficient orthodontic services to the community in San Antonio, TX and beyond. If you believe the alignment of your teeth could use some improvement, our orthodontist will sit down with you and carefully examine your mouth, teeth, and jaws. The orthodontist may require x-rays and teeth impressions as well before determining the type and level of treatment that you need.

Common Orthodontic Problems

While it would be an ideal situation for everyone to have perfect teeth, many people aren’t so lucky. At Terrell Hills Dental, we see patients suffering from common orthodontic problems and work tirelessly to give them beautiful smiles that they can show off. Book an appointment with us if you have any of the following conditions described below:

Overbite: An overbite happens when your upper teeth overlap or cover your lower teeth.

Underbite: If you have lower teeth that are significantly extended from your upper teeth, this is known as an underbite.

Crowding: Crowding happens when the space in your mouth or jaw isn’t enough to accommodate all your teeth. Overcrowding may cause teeth to become crooked or misaligned.

Crossbite: A crossbite happens when two antagonist teeth aren’t perfectly aligned. For instance, an upper tooth may be closer to the cheek or tongue than to its opposing lower tooth.

Open bite: An open bite, which is often caused by thumb-sucking, occurs when the upper teeth and lower teeth fail to don’t make contact when you clench your back teeth.

Spacing: Gaps between your teeth may take away from the aesthetics of your mouth and cause you to feel self-conscious.

Orthodontic Procedures at Terrell Hills Dental

Our dentist in San Antonio, TX will recommend appropriate orthodontic procedures based on the problem at hand. Braces are the most widespread type of orthodontic treatment and are used to correct misaligned teeth in both children and adults. More recently, more modern and discreet options such as Invisalign® have replaced traditional braces.

Remember that orthodontic treatment works best if you don’t neglect your oral hygiene routine. When wearing braces, for instance, you must brush and floss properly to prevent the build-up of plaque. Our Terrell Hills Dental orthodontist will be happy to show you how to floss when wearing braces—so don’t forget to ask!

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