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    Implant Placement & Restoration

    Implant Restoration & Implant Supported Dentures

    Many conditions that can affect teeth can lead to a hopeless prognosis for the tooth. Implants are an excellent way of replacing natural teeth in a safe, effective, long-lasting way. Implants can be utilized in many different ways. We can use implants to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of teeth.

    Implants can help retain bridges, partials and dentures as well. If we decide an implant is the best restoration for you, we will recommend a specialist to help us place the implant. After healing is finished, we will restore the implant to the full function and beauty of a natural tooth. We will work closely with you to ensure your comfort and that you receive the treatment and service you deserve!

    Implant Supported Dentures

    Using dental implants can improve the retention of traditional dentures. Improved retention will increase chewing capacity and success of the denture. Bottom dentures can be improved with as little as two dental implants. Top dentures often require four or six implants to increase retention. We feel that dental implants should be strongly considered for any patient with an existing denture or considering dentures.


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