What Are the Benefits of Getting Dentures?

For many years, people have looked at dentures as restorative oral appliances for old people. While they are not wrong, it is not the whole truth. Dentures have been used for many years to replace the missing teeth of elderly people. However, modern dentistry has allowed for the use of dentures in the tooth replacement of younger patients. Kids and adults alike can benefit from dentures.

Without talking to a dentist at a denture Care Center, it is hard for you to understand the need for dentures. Many patients have sabotaged the health of their oral cavities by neglecting the need for replacing their teeth.

What Are Dentures?

They are oral appliances featuring artificial replacement teeth and a gum-like base, used to restore missing teeth on patients. Dentures can be used by anyone, as long as you have missing teeth. Therefore, whether you are involved in a traumatic accident, or have severely decayed teeth, reach out to a dentist near Terrell Hills and schedule an appointment for tooth replacement with dentures.

Types of Dentures in Restorative Dentistry

Dental experts in Terrell Hills Dental offer different types of Dentures to ensure that all patients have a solution that works perfectly for them. Some of the types of dentures available in dentistry are:

  1. Conventional full dentures – they are the most popular kind of Dentures. They are used on patients who have lost all their teeth. This means that a full denture is complete with all types of teeth, ranging from molars to canines and incisors.
  2. Partial dentures – they are alternatives to complete dentures, for patients who still have several of their natural teeth intact. Partial dentures can have different sets of teeth, depending on which area of your mouth needs tooth replacement. The missing teeth have to be in a row, to allow for the placement of dentures.
  3. Implant-supported dentures – they are also called permanent dentures. They involve the use of oral implants strategically placed in your mouth to support the dentures placed over them. Implant-supported dentures can either be partial or complete, as long as dental implants are holding the dentures in place.
  4. Immediate dentures – it is a category that refers to all dentures that are pre-made and readily available for patients.
  5. Custom-made dentures – they are types of Dentures that are tailored to an individual’s mouth and personal preferences.

Advantages of Dentures

The question of whether or not you should try dentures in San Antonio, TX, remains to be determined based on your personal preferences. However, if you are asking whether or not dentures are valuable, consider the following benefits:

  1. Restoring oral functioning of your mouth – you will only appreciate the role of teeth in the functionality of your mouth when you lose them. Basic functions like chewing and speaking are very difficult, and sometimes impossible without teeth. Getting Dentures helps restore the functionality of your mouth.
  2. Preventing orthodontic problems – if you are not looking forward to getting braces, then you need to consider getting your teeth replaced with dentures. When there is space in your mouth, the natural teeth tend to shift and space out to fill up space. Therefore, unless you get dentures to replace the lost teeth, the remaining ones will shift, which will necessitate an orthodontic treatment to close the gaps thereof.
  3. Preventing bone loss – your jawbone is strong and healthy because of its use to support teeth. When there are no teeth to support, the bone tissue starts to disintegrate and wear put.
  4. Boosting your cosmetic appearance – a big gap in your mouth is not appealing to the eye. Besides, without teeth, the facial muscles relax, causing the skin to droop and wrinkle. With dentures in place, the gap is corrected and the facial muscles receive ample support for a more youthful look. Further, if you get custom-made dentures, you can determine the kind of materials you want used to create your dentures. The replacement teeth can even be color-matched to your natural teeth for a natural-looking result.
  5. Effective – dentures have been used for so many years in restorative dentistry. They have been proven effective for replacing missing teeth and restoring the confidence of patients.
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