Can Crowns Be Placed On Front Teeth?

Dental crowns can be placed on your front teeth. A front tooth crown is made of tooth-colored materials like ceramic or porcelain which will not affect your bite or the appearance of your teeth. The modern front crowns should make your smile look natural, sparkling, and beautiful.

There are different factors as to why one may need a dental crown placed on your front teeth. Mostly front dental crowns are meant for restoration, but some people occasionally want dental crowns for cosmetic reasons. Some of the reasons why your front teeth may need crowns are:

  • They are extensively damaged
  • If your tooth has severe damage like a large crack
  • They are broken
  • It has undergone a root canal treatment

This article will outline some key facts about front dental crowns, including how long they last, the type of crown materials best for your front teeth, and so much more.

How Long Do Crowns Last On Front Teeth?

If you are getting dental crowns on your front teeth for cosmetic reasons, then it is essential to know all the warning signs that the crowns are failing. This will help you decide on the steps to protect your already compromised teeth from further damage. That’s why you need to understand how long getting your dental crowns in San Antonio, TX, will last on your front teeth.

Averagely, the dental crowns on your front teeth can last up to fifteen years. Some good quality ones can last up to 30 years. However, most dental cover insurance is willing to cover the cost of replacement of your crowns after five years of the initial placement. Moreover, dental crowns can last a lifetime if you take good care of them and maintain them well.

Just like how you care for your natural teeth, dental crowns are affected by cavities and fractures, hence the need to be taken care of well. You should also take extra when brushing and flossing to avoid damaging them.

If all-ceramic crowns or veneers cover your teeth for front teeth, your dentist will advise you to wear mouthguards, especially if you participate in sports activities. In the instance of an impact, the mouth guards will protect your dental crown from a fracture that can lower its lifespan. The great thing is that the mouth guard can be removed when cleaning your teeth.

Which Crown is Best for Front Teeth?

Our front teeth are most visible; people often want them to look as natural and real as possible. Zirconia and E-max crowns are the most common option for covering your front teeth, and this is because they can be made to look like your natural teeth and cannot chip easily as compared to other materials.

However, Zirconia needs less natural tooth structure to be removed during the process. Therefore, for E-max crowns that are more aesthetically pleasing, the big downfall is that more of your tooth’s structure needs to be removed before placing the crowns.

Your dentist at Terrell Hills Dental may also suggest the porcelain and ceramic type during the dental crown procedure for your front teeth as the material can provide a superior natural color.

Are Crowns on Front Teeth Noticeable?

Your dentist will carefully match your dental crown to your natural teeth so that it won’t fall out of place among your teeth. You do not need to worry about your crowns being noticed, as no one around you will easily see them unless they look at you keenly.

It is also important to note that dental crowns ate resistant to whitening, so if you feel your teeth need to be whitened, do it before the crown is placed. If your crown is placed on your teeth before having your teeth whitened, your dental crown will look darker than the rest of your teeth.

The material used for our front teeth crown can also be made to look realistic. Porcelain crowns are the most natural-looking as the porcelain reflects light in much the same way as your natural enamel. However, the metal bonded to porcelain and tooth-colored is not recommended for front teeth as they tend to look more opaque and less realistic.

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