Oral Cancer Screening

Prioritizing Early Detection

Oral cancer screening is an essential procedure designed to identify early signs of cancer or precancerous conditions within the mouth. Regular screenings can be a lifesaving decision, ensuring timely detection and intervention.

The Importance of Early Detection

The Importance of Early Detection

Oral cancer can present in various ways, from persistent sores to noticeable changes in oral sensations. The key to a successful treatment often hinges on early detection. An oral cancer screening examines the inside of your mouth to spot any suspicious signs. While the screening itself doesn’t diagnose cancer, it pinpoints areas that might require further testing.

Our Commitment to Dental Health

At Terrell Hills Dental, our trusted dental professionals emphasize the significance of regular screenings, especially for those at a higher risk. Factors like tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, and previous oral health issues can elevate one’s risk. Therefore, undergoing an Oral Cancer Screening becomes paramount, ensuring residents receive the best preventive care possible.

These screenings are more than just a dental procedure; they’re a proactive approach to health. With the rising cases of oral cancer, such screenings underscore the importance of preventive dental care, safeguarding the well-being of individuals.

Our Commitment to Dental Heal
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