Everything You Want to Know about Dental Fillings

Everything You Want to Know about Dental Fillings

Nov 01, 2020

Dental fillings are a method of restoring missing tooth structure as a result of decay or trauma. Tooth decay hollows out a tooth, and dental fillings help fill the gap to protect it from further decay. Dental fillings near you are also beneficial for repairing broken and cracked teeth worn off due to lifestyle habits like nail-biting, teeth grinding, Etc.

You may receive information from your dentist that you need dental fillings because you have allowed tooth decay to cause cavities in them. The dentist may have noticed a hole in your tooth during a routine exam causing them to suggest you have the tooth filled at the earliest.

Tooth decay is not the only reason why you need fillings. You may need them if you have dark spots on your teeth or confront the problem of food particles getting trapped between some areas of the teeth. Chipped or broken teeth also require dental fillings besides situations where you have lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Single or multiple cavities undoubtedly need to be filled to prevent decay from spreading.

What Are the Consequences of Neglecting Your Dentist’s Advice?

The thought of getting your teeth filled can make you think about what happens if you challenge the dentist’s advice? It will help if you don’t think along those lines because the consequences of not having dental fillings, especially if you have decay, are significant. It is incredibly essential for you to have the dental fillings placed as soon as possible before the enamel starts decaying. Enamel decay exposes the dentin, and when the bacteria in your mouth come into contact with it, the infection spreads.

Spreading the infection will cause sensitivity in the tooth, making you believe you would have been better off listening to your dentist. As you didn’t get the filling when advised, the infection will reach your nerve and damage the tooth eventually. At this step, you have a couple of options before you. You can either have root canal treatment and then a permanent filling on the tooth or have the tooth extracted to have a gap in your smile. What would you prefer? We are confident you will choose a dental filling after learning how easy the procedure is to get one.

The Process For Getting Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are usually needed when your tooth has decayed because it helps to prevent further damage and protects your tooth.

It would be best if you visited dental fillings in San Antonio, TX, to determine how deep the infection is on your tooth. The reason why is because dental fillings are only suitable for minor fractures or decay. Dental fillings in San Antonio will examine your tooth and take x-rays to gain accurate information about the damage.

After looking at the extent of the tooth decay, the dentist administers local anesthesia to numb the area around the infected tooth. The decayed and damaged tooth or areas nearby are prepared for restoration. The dentist drills away your tooth to remove the decay and any bacteria within either with a hand drill or dental laser.

After your tooth is cleaned and disinfected, the dental filling is applied to the area to fill the hollow space created by the cavity. The filling used will depend on every situation and personal preferences. Eventually, the filled tooth is polished to conclude the dental filling procedure.

Which Type of Dental Filling Would You Prefer?

Various types of dental fillings are available and are used according to specific situations. If you are allergic to metals, alternative methods are available to accomplish the filling procedure. The different types of fillings popularly used are:

Metal Fillings

Metal fillings are an age-old variety used for many decades. Metal fillings are made from silver or gold and can withstand chewing forces, and last for over a decade.

Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are widely used by dental professionals for years. They are made from a combination of metals and are incredibly durable.

Composite Fillings

If you prefer tooth-colored fillings to ensure they are hidden in your mouth or need them on your front teeth, you can consider composite fillings. There are also beneficial to repair chipped teeth. However, composite fillings do not last for as long compared to metal and silver amalgam fillings.

Porcelain or Ceramic Fillings

If severe aesthetic concerns bother you, porcelain or ceramic fillings are suggested because they can cover the better part of the tooth and are long-lasting. Best of all, they don’t wear off or stain easily.

Before you decide on any variety of dental filling for your teeth, it will help if you discussed your situation with dental fillings in San Antonio and obtained proper advice on the filling material best suited for your teeth.

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