All-on-X Implants

Are you looking to replace your missing teeth but don’t want to wait? You have come to the right place. Using latest implant technology, we are now able to offer dental implants to restore your beautiful smile in a single day!

All-on-X implants, also known as teeth-in-a-day procedure, involves placing implants at specific locations in the mouth to support your denture. We will place all the implants as well as your temporary teeth on the same day, so that you can enjoy your beautiful smile immediately. Getting All-on-X implants is a cost-effective procedure that preserves your natural bone and looks just like your natural teeth. You do not need to undergo additional procedures such as bone grafts.

We believe patient comfort should be a priority when choosing to replace your teeth. Hence, we provide All-on-X implants as an excellent long-term option for your missing teeth. If you have missing teeth and are generally in good health, you might be a good candidate for All-on-X implants. Talk to our friendly staff to book a consultation today!

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