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You’ve heard how important customization is to certain parts of your health care, such as accurately prescribed reading glasses. The same is true when it comes to protecting your mouth and teeth from impact injury with the help of a mouthguard from a dentist near you.

There are two huge differences between over the counter nightguards and lab fabricated nightguards that are made through your dental office.

  1. Over the counter nightguards are a one size fits all, in-office guards are made from impressions of your own teeth, the fit is exceptionally well, much more comfortable and less bulky.
  2. Over the counter guards are made from softer materials ( chewy) that still allow your jaw muscles to stay tense. Lab fabricated guards are hard, as soon as your muscles trigger a contraction, the teeth give a warning signal to the brain to disengage. Allowing muscles to relax overnight.

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Mouthguards Have Multiple Applications

Although custom mouthguards are most commonly associated with protection during sports or other impact-related scenarios, this comfortable dental appliance is also used to treat teeth grinding. Why is this important? Because without the added protection of a nightguard for individuals who are known to grind their teeth at night, their teeth are far more susceptible to damage, such as cracking or breaking from the ongoing pressure caused by teeth grinding.

Think of it like mileage on your car. If you get 7 hours of sleep, that’s 42 hours a week, 168 a month, 2016 hours a year! That is 84 days worth of grinding that you are eliminating.

There’s also evidence that mouthguards can help control snoring and other obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, which can have many drawbacks on your overall health, such as constant fatigue, obesity, and more.

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